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English Bulldog heavily invested in animated film

Here we see Khaleesi the English Bulldog thoroughly enjoying "Lady and the Tramp". She is clearly NOT a fan of those pesky Siamese cats!

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41 Responses to English Bulldog heavily invested in animated film

  • I feel the same way as the dog, them cats are creepy

  • Does Kahleesi likes a good Tom & Jerry cartoon when Spike & Tyke shows up??

    • kevin sullivan Thats so weird that u say that bc Spike and Tyke are her favorites!!

    • Elvis and Khaleesi – Hey Khaleesi, one of my favorite cartoons are Droopy & Huckleberry Hound?? Do you like those too.

      ?Oh my darling
      ?Oh my darling
      ?Oh my darling…. clemintiiiine? (off key) ? ?

  • …”ya’ll think this is cute and funny, but one day you’ll come home and he’ll be chill’n on the couch with the remote in one paw and a lit cigarette and cold Bud in the other watching doggy porn, like “Debbie the bulldog does Dallas” or “So many Bitches butt to sniff and so little time” then he’ll be hanging out with the neighborhood juveniles get a tattoo “Born To Pee Everywhere” and hook up with the neighborhood slut, Fifi the french poodle and find yourself supporting the baby daddy and the baby momma with Snausages the cheese flavored ones and Begging Strips. Then you’ll get that late night call from the doggy police because he was caught chasing the neighbors cat and stole the cats squeaky toy all this while being filmed for an episode of Cops,”Bulldogs who go bad!”…and when they search him they find a baggie of uncut Katnip embarrassing you’re whole family…oh yeah we will see who’s laughing now!”…

  • Disney is so fuggin racist, it’s astonishing to see these older cartoon. (These cats, the crows from dumbo, etc.)… it’s crazy.

    • Obviously, you didn’t understand the real meaning of the scene : maybe you do not know that siamese cats were (and still are) very expensive animals. So Walt Disney wanted to say this : you can be pure breed, gorgeous, expensive and living in the best society, you can still be mean.
      You probably belong to this generation brainwashed by humorless psychologists. Be careful : one day, you’ll harm innocent people in the name of your fight against what you see as “racist”.

    • Alongside any point being made about money and class, Si and Am were definitely ethnic caricatures—look at the squinting eyes, the buck teeth and listen to the backing track and their odd dialect. It’s not entirely unique to them in the film (Jock the Scottish terrier is VERY inexplicably Scottish) and it’s not the only time a Disney film included a Siamese cat with similar ‘characterisation’ (there’s a member of the Alley Cats in the Aristocats, who plays chopsticks on the piano. Literally. He’s using drumsticks like chopsticks to hit piano keys).

      Heck, Si and Am were originally going to be named Nip and Tuck. In a script made mid-WW2. They knew what they were writing.

      It’s inarguably there; you don’t have to get defensive about it. Artists aren’t infallible; they can make and say bad things at the same time as making and saying good things. And it’s okay to not know about an old stereotype—our culture’s changed so much over the years that a lot of things sound like utter nonsense now. But that’s only because we’ve spent so much of that time recognising it and talking about it and working to get rid of it. The only reason you’re seeing so much of this sort of conversation in “this generation” is the internet allows you to see any amount of any conversation at all.

    • Dee : so, Jock the scottish terrier has no right to be “inexplicably scottish” ? Should we all look the same, think the same and act the same to stop all the alledged segregation you’re seeing everywhere ?
      Look at the dog’s reaction : he saw the most important thing : the cats behaved badly and he didn’t like it.

    • Probably shouldn’t try to judge an older film/cartoon by today’s standards. We (at least most of us) live in a totally different world now.

  • He’s defending his race.

  • How awesome is this big baby!

  • The Aristocats! I loved that movie and had the record! (Kids, if you don’t know what a record is, it’s what came before music CDs.)

  • I love this dog. Can i have him?

  • She likes a good cartoon!

  • I’ve never seen a ? so interested in a cartoon. Must have been the ?’s.

  • He wiggles his butt before surting down, So Cute!

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