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Lazy English bulldog

Hello, I'm Karen and my english bulldog name is Sensi, at the time we recorded this video she was 4 months old.
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7 Responses to Lazy English bulldog

  • Hello Karen! I just saw your “Lazy English bulldog” video and it made me laugh so much! Bulldogs are so lazy and funny at the same time. Thank you for the upload! Listen, I’m a video researcher at Break’s Facebook page and my job is to find the best videos for our fans. If you like to make some extra cash for a 4 year old video, email us at acquisitions (at) defymedia (dot) com for our offer. – Cheers, Mark

  • 😂😂🤣😂🤣yo quiero uno 😍

  • Bulldogs are great but physically they’re pretty much a sack of potatoes with legs. If someone was to try to harm you though they become a sack of potatoes with the head of a shark and the burning fury of a thousand suns.

    Unless they feel like they need another 8 hours in which case you’re very much on your own :/

  • Ill take that dog off your hands if your going to be doung that

    • +Erik Perdomo She didnt do anything wrong. Bulldogs are extremely tough and a bit of a drag on the grass isnt something to get your PC panties in a bunch.

  • Carefull with the joints

  • merto! ayye way!

Rare Pictures of English Bulldogs

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