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Old English Bulldog: Leash Training

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About this Video: Capone is a 2.5 y/o Old English Bulldog. He has the tendency to pull on leash, lunge and bark at dogs and motorcycles. This training video is an overview of exercises that will help to teach Capone to walk politely on leash, systematically building on distractions.

33 Responses to Old English Bulldog: Leash Training

  • Beautiful! And the dog too. 🙂

  • Wow, Capone and Dixie are so similar! She is an OEB also and very energetic to say the least! My girl is 18-months old now. She was a train wreck when we got her at 15 months. She was clueless on a leash and bolted out the door at every opportunity dragging whomever was unlucky enough to be attached by the other end of the leash. LOL Being patient and consistent with my criteria was very successful. Any time she would pull I would stop and wait for her to look at me to allow our walk to continue, being calm and patient all the while. We were very respectful of one another and now she is brilliant on a leash. If she creates tension on the leash with her exuberance by getting a bit further than she should she will then release the tension on her own. She is a happy girl. We are just now working on obedience. Wish us luck!! Also, as far as food, Dixie is a frenzied eater; every morsel might be her last! We often feed with puzzles, all of which she has mastered with great zeal and brute strength. haha Not much finesse from our OEB. We also work on her taking treats with an EASY command. She is food defensive so we no longer train her at the same time as our other two. She is our girl and a beautiful work in progress! I might just check out some tug toys for her as another positive reinforcer. Still learning what she values as reward. 🙂

  • Great job on the training . bulldogs are highly intelligent, but now always obedient

  • I’m struggling i leash train my 15 week olde english bulldogge puppy. When i put a leash on her She freezes and completely shuts down… Any advice???

    • +Jessika Racquel – Freezing is a very common, very normal behavior for puppies when they are on leash. They are highly stimulated by the sights, sounds, smells of the environment. They want (and need) time to take it all in. For some puppies, it is just not realistic to expect that they will be able to go on a walk around the block, or for walks around town like an adult dog. It’s important for her to take in the sights, smells and sounds of the environment, go outside and give her time to do that. You can break up that time by doing some leash training. Each time you walk outside you should carry some high value food in a training pouch, something that is moist and meaty and has a strong aroma. A leash training session might just be 30-60 seconds long, where you would reinforce her for checking in or for following your lead. You’re going to do a lot of direction changes, and you probably won’t walk more than 20 feet. That’s okay. Keep the leash slack, don’t pull on her. Most of my clients that report this type of planting usually tell me that it is no longer an issue by 6 months. *Patience is critical. If you keep trying to force the issue, this training process could take considerably longer. – Alyssa Lapinel, CPDT-KA

      PS: using a six foot training leash is ideal, avoid retractable leashes or short leashes.

    • We usually go out and sit until she decides to creep back to the door, it’s usually the only movement i get from her. I will give this a try, thank you!!

  • Pretty tall for this breed I must say, but that may be a good thing.


  • Nice dog. I have a 7 month olde English bulldog and he is great. Looking for another next year.

  • Nice dog. I have a 7 month olde English bulldog and he is great. Looking for another next year.

  • Nice video… I think it’s a good thing for people to see an adult dog learning “new” tricks. Good to see the method, too. And Sam has socialization issues. Hahhaha…

  • where can I find a good breeder for a olde bulldogge because there are so many back yard  breeders out there selling unbalance dogs. I am looking to get a male first,  next a female to guard my house and be a family pets  (friend).

  • +Kevin Rands this is a recognized new version of the english bulldog called olde english bulldogge. They are athletic live long and dont have breathing problems and are not tempermental great dogs very muscular and listen well

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