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7 Tips For Caring For your English Bulldog

7 simple tips for taking care of a bulldog! 🙂

* DISCLAIMER * This video is for information purposes only on a peer to peer level, most of these tips are indeed opinions of mine from my personal experience taking care of my dog Ellie! Most of these tips are also preventative measures and are not for serious health issues your bulldog may have, please always seek advice from a professional vet and remember that while dog breeds have similarities no two bulldogs are the same, they are individuals and what works for Ellie may not work for you and your bulldog! (also to be noted in this video, ELLIE WAS IN THE PROCESS OF LOOSING WEIGHT SHE IS NO LONGER THIS SIZE, SHE DOESN'T EAT THE SAME FOOD, AN UPDATED VIDEO WILL FOLLOW 🙂 We have been going through a long moving process but Ellie is happy and healthy and just turned 5!

*ALSO 2ND DISCLAIMER* I don't care what mean things you have to say about my "nose ring" this video is about taking care of bulldogs, I understand not very many people like it but I've heard it already thank you! Please refrain from being rude and calling me stupid and ugly. 🙂

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