Breeding English Bulldogs
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The English Bulldog remains one of the more popular dog breeds. Many folks are interested in the lilac and merle colored English Bulldogs but no matter the color all Bulldogs are popular. Living with any dog breed has its rewards and challenges, the English Bulldog is no different. Marion Thomas of Top Chart Bullies gives us the inside dish on why the English Bulldog was the best breed for him. Like many people Marion suffers from several autoimmune diseases which limit is activity level. He needed a dog that is a great companion and doesn't require a tremendous amount of physical exercise.


  • Ok if want dog get Boxer or Labora

  • This breed can lick there junk and cant breed whY!!!!

  • I wanna leave a comment of support for this owner because I saw and heard a few things that made me really think this guy has a handle on things. The first I am well aware of how the bulldog standard has diminished and created almost non existing animals because of the lack of need for a working bulldog and before this video I agreed with the commenter below saying that we should not be breeding this type of standard in brachycephalic breeds BUT then I watched the entire video and I completely understand why a dog like this is necessary for a man like this. And this is why I am on board with this particular individual and video: He suffers multiple physical ailments that limit his daily ability to exercise dogs, should he not be able to own a dog because of this? NO. Everyone who is financially able and environmentally stable should have the pleasure of owning a dog. So he went out and researched LOW activity low drive dogs and naturally found the bulldog. The key is he obviously researched what he needed to fit his lifestyle and his personal situation. Already big respect it is more than what most pet owners do before buying a dog. He also is aware of the bulldog to some degree not being the best breed as he said it was the best breed for him and I respect that greatly. Pretty much everyone zeke interviews will always spin how great and versatile their breed is and alot of us have our own opinions about what is a great breed and I like his honesty when he said I wouldn’t say it is the best breed but he said it is the best breed for me. I also dig that prior to watching this video I pretty much thought bulldogs should be culled and given a new standard as a function over form person I saw no need for a breed like this until I saw this video. It really changed my mind. Maybe the bulldog can be brought back from the brinks if it is used purely as a companion dog for those who are physically limited or even for those suffering any sort of mental physical disability as the dogs generally seem rather happy to do very little . I would still want to see some of the overall standard changed for the betterment of the breed. But I am no longer a complete hater as I was of this breed. Hope you and your dogs have a long and fulfilling life together and much respect on this dogumentary really changed my perspective.

  • wiping your dogs butt? good thing I’m a cat person haha


    Hey guys thanks for watching the videos, to those of you who watch every video, double thanks. You all should know that it’s my intention to film every dog breed. The order in which I film them is truly dependent on a lot of different factors, some of which are out of my control. I am a single person producing the content for this channel, so if I don’t get to your request immediately, its not that your being ignored. Its a monumental task I’m taking on, please be patient and enjoy the videos as they come. Thanks!

    • I have a English Bulldog that will be 11 years old in May..I too have back problems, my Bulldog is the greatest breed I have ever had…LOVE LOVE LOVE my TOBIAS!

  • I know he didn’t just say he named his dog Shelia E. ? You know he’s an old cat.

  • Too bad these dogs have so many health problems..

  • Great video.

  • I love this because he really explains why the breed is perfect for him. Also it’s obvious he really loves his dogs.

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