Breeding English Bulldogs
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Todd and Darcy are to folks loving life with their two OEBs. These dogs are more than house pets, they are family. The Olde English Bulldogge has developed to be a healthier more athletic alternative to the modern English Bulldog. If you are a true pet home health and athleticism brings savings and value to your home. You will save on Vet expenses while gaining the value of having a companion for your moderately active lifestyle. Olde's are great dogs, they are funny and loving, with an added bit of security.

Many dogs and believe it or not, have a tendency to devour their food. Large dog breeds especially are infamous for their appetites. As someone who has visited many families with large dogs, I can vouch for the fact that these dogs can literally inhale their food.

Pets that eat rapidly are more likely to present with an assortment of ailments related to their speed eating including:

Gastrointestinal discomfort
Food bloat, which can occur from gulping food and swallowed air and is potentially life threatening.

Here are some amazon links to my favorite Slow Bowls to prevent dogs from inhaling their food.


  • Very informatable and honest.Ive had boxers over 40 yrs, and haven’t regretted any boxers that I’ve owned
    Have had from 2 to 4 at a time,all except 1 have been fixed males with no fights.House was a cape cod, and my two kids had rules, basically to treat them as family.Dogs were always socially introduced to any situation that I could think of
    I hope and pray that we meet again!!! Would make my. life complete ! Thanks for your time.

  • My mom’s favorite breed of all time is an english bulldog but is worried about how unhealthy they often are and all of that. I’ll have to tell her about this breed : )

  • We LOVE our Olde English Bulldog, LugNut, he is definitely a huge part of our family

  • We have an Old English Bulldog. He can be stubborn and he pouts like a kid. He is a member of our family and he always wants to be touching one of us. I’ve had an English Bulldog and his breathing problems led to an early demise. Our Old English Bulldog breaths much better.

  • This is pretty accurate. My OEB is only 14 weeks old, but he also is instant best friends with every other living thing he meets. I’ve been blessed.

  • I have OEB’s and Dogue De Bordeauxs. My OEB is a Hermes dog and he is tough as nails. Heat doesn’t bother him, cold doesn’t bother him and he can eat anything. My DDB’s don’t take the heat near as well and food allergies made us go with a raw diet which h was wonderful. The OEB has the more personality than any dog I have ever had.

  • Isn’t it the Tom and Jerry Dog?

  • Bruh you make some dope videos. Great channel, great camera work, great breeds, and none of that corny music most dog videos have

  • they look great well done to the breeders for going back in time you can see they can breathe far better just far better looking dog

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