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Benny playing peek a boo (English bulldog puppy) Funny

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My little English bulldog puppy "Benny" playing peek-a-boo with me.

Twitter/Instagram: @PeekabooBenny

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22 Responses to Benny playing peek a boo (English bulldog puppy) Funny

  • He’s like “…You gonna finish that?”

  • Best Wendy’s commercial ever!

  • Just like a Yale man, Handsome Dan IV !!!!

  • I have not payed much attention to this breed of dog. After watching videos
    I have grown to appreciate their wonderful personalities . They must
    provide daily entertainment !!! 

  • Bulldogs are the best breed in the world 🙂 and they make you smile like
    this ten times a day, my dogs very mischievous but very clever,he leaves
    his toy balls in the best ways to trip me up around the house in doorways
    ect,then he sits back and waits for the enevitable to happen,the lil bast
    as nearly broke my back a few times now,I am sure he tot finds it funny
    when I go down like a sack of spuds 🙂 I do love him tho,he’s a proper
    character. A more kind,loyal,protective,funny,powerful,gentle,regal breed
    you’ll never find,and there great with kids to. And Bennys typically funny
    an adorable to. your welcome. 

  • The best! Rescued an adult E. Bulldog and love her animated personality.
    This pup is too cute!

  • 有沒有人可以告訴本人、這位小傢伙….. 牠是在躲什麼呀?

    是想要跟其主人玩 “躲貓貓” 嗎?

    真是既可愛又有趣的小傢伙呀、呵呵~ ^_^

  • Lol, I can’t stop watching Benny.. such a cutey patootie like a baby.. just
    needs to cover his eyes with his paws lol.. 🙂 

  • Benny must think his eyes are on the top of his head.
    Secretly, periscoping….like a frog. ;0)

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