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Bono, the English bulldog part 3

20 Responses to Bono, the English bulldog part 3

  • i have one. She is a redish brown color and her name is Bella. I am in love
    with her! they are such sweet dogs!!!!

  • i want one so bad!!!

  • @taxitech I lost my sweetheart Bubba Sept 14th of this year, my heart still
    aches for him. I look at these videos and it brings back so many memories
    of a truely unique and beautiful dog that gave me so much joy. I know what
    your feeling and I know the pain you must still be going thru…because I
    am too………….

  • @Marcovba i disagree each bully is different but do your research on royal
    canin bulldog food doesnt say good things about it.i have a bully and
    finally found the food that no farts that will knock you out no egg or
    dairy in it Blue Buffallo Basics is what my pups eat.i have 2 bassets, one
    has suffers from severe heartburn and this food did her wonders too.none of
    my dogs are over weight (no table food) and my bully is pretty stocky and
    is only just turned 1 yr old. check out my page pingle323.

  • LOL…LOL…Liked the slide where Bono is hanging ten on the sliding glass
    door!! CLASSIC!!!

  • @ChrisWuvCheese I also have a BD [1 year old] and feed him Wellness…give
    him one cup three times a day with a vegetable treat [small bite size
    carrots] a few times during the day followed by 30 to 45 minutes of
    exercise [walk to the park and run around then back home] …this patter
    has kept my dog lean and MEAN!!! LOL…No, he wouldn’t hurt anyone or
    anything but he looks nice and trim. Muscular hind area and large brisquit
    with a very strong V shape if viewed from the top of the dog.

  • @kmirts Chest or belly big? Usually just a little exercise buffs them up in
    the chest in no time. My bully is all muscle and he has a wide chest and a
    very narrow back end. like a slopping triangle head basically lol. hen he
    was a baby he liked dragging heavy things around. So we would strap him to
    things and he would pull it around. That made her rather muscular in the
    chest. And he has really good breathing too. Witch I think the hauling was
    a contributor to. 

  • is ur dog were born with big bones everything already? i feed my dog
    wellness hes an english bulldog also. i was gonna give him royal canin .
    but i changed my mind coz it has corns. and he’s kinda soft not have much
    muscle as urs. 

  • was ur dog born with big bonbs and body? or its about the food u feed him?
    i have a english bulldog, he is now 4 months old. i feed him wellness. i
    was gonna give him royal canin also. but i changed my mind coz i has corns.

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