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Bringing home our Rescue English Bulldog for the first time

A quick video on our road to adopted our gorgeous little English Bulldog, Lincoln. Lincoln was adopted through Bulldog Rescue & Rehoming Trust. To find your own little furry friend, or to donate to this amazing foundation, please visit


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38 Responses to Bringing home our Rescue English Bulldog for the first time

  • I really want to meet lincoln… He is so cute.. you both are very lucky to have a lincoln in your family.. Please keep on posting new videos of lincoln… 🙂


  • Honestly…The three of you together simply makes my heart “explode”  with pure happiness…I wish we were next door neighbors… g r i n s (I’d invite Mr. Lincoln over to bake doggie cookies & watch squirrels/chipmunks play in the backyard… 🙂

  • You guys are such, wonderful & loving fur baby parents. I had somehow missed this beginning episode, so glad I found it.
    Mr. Lincoln is a lovely choice & will be a blessing, with tons of fun, TY, Chuck

    • Thanks Chuck. This is one of my favorite videos, it always makes me cry like a baby 😀 When I see Lincoln coming over and sitting on my lap, I get very emotional – such a special day for us all. Thanks for watching xxx

  • WOW! i just realized lincoln was rescued.. He’s blessed! Is like he knew yall came to get him, acted like yall picked him up from visiting and he came home. Like he knew that was his house and immediately comfortable.. yea! Big clap for the dubbs.. He was so happy riding home. i like the ice pack and I ce spray.. ???. Spoiled Mr. Lincoln

    • Yeah, he absolutely did. He was so sweet the moment he met us. He does do that with everyone he meets we have found, but on that day he made us feel really special. xxx

  • What a welcoming little enclosure you’ve made! Lincoln’s such a lucky boy.

  • Lincoln,you represent all men who are waiting to be cherished by a woman.

  • For all the Bully owners out there we already know that bed and toys are not gonna last long, 1 the toys will be either ignored or chewed fast, 2 as soon as he gets some liberty he’s going to claim the couch, bed, and anything in that house, 3 they are so stubborn that there is little hope for them to change from their stubborn habits. But in the end they will always be our best friends and loving family members in which we can pinch their cheeks, wrinkles,and all the body fat, they will give u all the love and attention u need love ur bullies for they are truly one of the best dogs to have.

    • So true! He has already claimed the couch. He hasn’t been able to claim the bed yet because the first time we let him in it, he marked it. I have to say I am surprised at how good he has been with chewing things. He has his toy box (which is over flowing at this point), and he knows those all belong to him. Every day, pretty much all of them come out the box and are around the house or piled up in his bed. He doesn’t really grab things that are not his (except cardboard boxes, he thinks those are fair game). Sometimes if I go outside, he will grab one of my house shoes and put it next to him, but he has not chewed anything of ours yet (touch wood it stays that way!). He is very stubborn, which is so hard to get mad at cause you just look at him and the cuteness melts you. We can’t imagine life without this gorgeous little Nugget in it. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for watching xxx

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