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Bulldog begs for attention while owner tries to work

Benji the English Bulldog will not let his owner get any work done! Watch him cry, whine, and pout in this hilariously adorable clip!

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24 Responses to Bulldog begs for attention while owner tries to work

  • This dog is EVERYTHING!

  • Why do I get the impression the dog is begging for the peanut butter that you usually feed him when he is down there between your legs in front of the computer?


    Whatever else you slather on your no no parts while you are viewing those sites.

    He looks more disappointed that he is not being fed while he is in his set and ready position. 🙂

  • Bulldogs have perhaps the most expressive ears in the canine kingdom. I currently have an English Bulldog and used to have an Olde English bulldog. I can always tell when a bulldog is fired up and looking to create a little mischief. They carry those ears up high and you just know something is ready to go down. They are the clown prince and princesses of the dog world.

  • yea!!!!! this poor baby is so desperate for attention. if I were him I would pee in the owner’s shoes!!! or leave a stinky treat somewhere so they can’t find it.. poor Lil fat bulldog

  • I think most bulldogs are naturally attention seeker! Lol

  • Dude…pet him.

  • For pete’s sake !!!!….. give that dog a deserving and loving attention !! How insensitive of you to watch him beg !!!!!!

  • Lmao she’s full of styles lol! Soo cute! “She’s like see where my head and ur balls r mfer” lol

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