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Cute English Bulldog Gets a Bath and Uses a Hair Dryer

We only use EarthBath all natural shampoo for our english bulldog. We’ve found it to be best for her sensitive skin. You can buy it on Amazon here:

Funny Bulldog gets a much needed bath and then fights her hair dryer.

Ellie hates baths and fights me the entire time on getting in the bathroom, getting in the shower, and staying in the shower. Fortunately though once you’ve battled through the entire bathing experiences, she loves being dried with a hair dryer.

About Ellie:

Ellie is an Olde English Bulldogge, her birthday is February 2010. She is a rescue dog and had a terrible beginning start of a life. Her first year she was mostly confined to a kennel and didn't go for her first walk on a leash until she was past her first birthday! We have worked through chewing, potty training, and are currently working on a new problem of dog aggression. She is incredibly, sweet, and caring to humans and loves kids! Her favorite activities include biting toes to get attention, sleeping, eating, going for short walks, playing tug of war, or wrestling on the bed.

In July of 2014 she developed Pyrometra or Pyrometrea a common infection in unfixed female dogs of all breeds. She was rushed into emergency surgery and had her entire uterus removed (her incision/scar is 3/4 of her entire body length). It was a terrifying experience but we are happy to report she is happy and healthier than ever. If you haven’t fixed your female dog yet I strongly encourage you to research the dangers and cost of Pyrometra, I regret not knowing about it a lot.

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