Breeding English Bulldogs
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Dog breeding – English bulldog breeding

Dog breeding – How to breed English bulldogs without having to artificial inseminate AI bulldogs are the hardest breed in the world to reproduce do to their big chest and heavy fronts, this English bulldog video shows how to breed English bulldogs.

20 Responses to Dog breeding – English bulldog breeding

  • May I ask why you don’t just do an AI? This is already a hard process and
    from the looks of it, you didn’t make it any easier on the dogs… P.s I
    own and breed, so I’m wondering about this.. No hate

  • If so how much do you charge

  • Can you bread the bulldog with a difrent tipe of dog and do you use your
    dogs to bread.

  • Hello, I have a female bulldog and I would love to breed her only once
    before I spay her. Do you know where I can gather information about
    breeding properly? I would also need to find a mate, what do you recommend?
    Thank you very much for help and supporting videos.

  • @TEREAZA1 Thanks so much for your kind words, there are a lot of haters in
    this world that have nothing else to do, so I really could care less what
    they say, the more they comment the more hits my video gets lol. so more
    power to them, this is a video that I am just trying to show that breeding
    a bulldog with assistance can be done and not only a bulldog but any other
    breed, as you can see I do not force neither one of my dogs and the females
    predisposition to accept the male is at peak point. 

  • very nice video you can see that you care very much for your dogs well done
    you & take no notice of the negative feedback you obviously know what your
    doing i breed bassets & they are the same with breeding you can’t just
    leave them to get on with it because it just wont happen they also need
    help although saying this gorge & June mated last year without assistance

  • hi great info! wat happs. if the male does pull,out before time? will it
    hurt the female being that shes locked on? who decides when they r done?

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