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Doglopedia – English Bulldog

Your guide to English Bulldogs from that good ol' chap, The English Bulldog.

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Welcome to Doglopedia, your resource to learn all about different breeds! Here's a quick, fun overview of English Bulldog, hosted by ME, the English Bulldog. That's right, this time I get to train you! Happy petting!

20 Responses to Doglopedia – English Bulldog

  • Lol the accentttttt! ?


  • “quite active”


  • the bill sykes impression was good but it made tye video kinda cringe worthy but still great vid

  • I had a english bulldog he is dead now but he was 15

  • nice, do a boxer

  • There are some misconceptions about the English bulldog that I think need to be set straight for folks. Some folks believe that the English bulldog was originally used for bull baiting and other manner of work. The truth is that the English bulldog is a show breed that was never used to be a working/purpose dog or a warring dog to bait bulls. From the very beginning, the English bulldog was designed as a show dog strictly for its looks. The bulldogs which were used for not only bull baiting, but also as stock dogs, hunting dogs, and for all manner of work was actually a breed that we know of today called the American Pit bulldog terrier or APBT for sort. As we can see in the old bull baiting pictures, the dogs completely mirror our working bulldogs (APBTs) of today. And the APBT is still used and able to perform the original purposes for which it was designed (such as serving as gripping dogs to handle livestock or catch large dangerous beast on the hunt). Like dog professional, author, and breed historian Diane Jessup writes:
    “First a hunter, then a butcher’s dog, then a baiter, then a dog fighter, only for the past 150 years or so have bulldogs been bred for going against each other. American Pit Bulls which display behavior typical of their heritage are gripping dogs; they come from a long, long genetic history which dictates they get a hold and HANG ON! This behavior saved their life during the thousands of years they were hunting boar, stag and bear, and also stood them in good stead when they moved on to working bulls, bears and other animals in baiting sports. This same behavior can work to make breaking up a fight quite easy and safe. The Pit Bull is a bulldog in action and appearance. He is a gripping dog – not a terrier (which means Earth dog which pursues its quarry underground). The English bulldog is a relatively recently developed animal designed strictly for the show ring. In fact, English bulldogs were not even created until several years AFTER bull baiting (the purpose for which it was supposed to have been bred) was banned and discontinued in the United Kingdom. So, it is impossible for the Pit Bull to have been developed from a breed younger than itself. In fact, the English bulldog is developed from the original working bulldog – the Pit Bull. Written Pit Bull pedigrees date into the late 1700’s. The history of the Pit Bull far predates the time when bans on bull baiting caused blood sport fanciers to turn to fighting dog against dog.”

  • When he lifts his little paw ??

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