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DOGS 101 – Bullmastiff [ENG]

Bred by English gamekeepers in the 19th century to assist English wardens or gamekeepers guard estates. As a result the bullmastiff is known as the Gamekeeper's Night Dog. The Bullmastiff was a cross of 40% Old English Bulldog (not the short, chubby Bulldog of today) and 60% English Mastiff for its size, strength and loyalty. They bark much less often than other breeds; however, they will bark on alarm. They were also bred to pull things.
The bullmastiff was recognized as a pure-bred dog in 1924 by the English Kennel Club. In October, 1933, the American Kennel Club recognized the bullmastiff. The first standard for the breed was approved in 1935.[2] The standard has undergone several revisions since then. The most current version is available on the AKC Web site.

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