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English Bulldog and Cherry Eye… Dont panic!

Quick video on cherry eye which is very common in bullies. I think everyone assumes its a job for the vet, which is stressful and costly. Before a visit to the vets u can always try this.

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  • I fixed my tibetan spaniel’s cherry eye. I panicked and then I fixed it by everyone’s advice and it worked. Blessed

  • Hi there,

    I have had my new bulldog puppy just under a week and she has had this happen twice already! How often does it happen to Milo and have you had to have it seen to yet? I’ve been able to pop it back in so far but if it’s going to happen as often as this I think I might need it seen to?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Amy, sorry about the delay in replying. First of all congratulations on your new puppy! They are literally a bundle of joy at that age.

      Milo usually gets this a few times a week and it often happens after he’s eaten. For him it started happening when he got a little older, I have never taken him to the vet over it as thankfully the “massage” technique seems to be working and he doesn’t seem to be in any major discomfort. That being said if you find that you cant get it back in after a quick rub or your dog seems in any discomfort I would always take them to the vet to be sure.

      There is a procedure that the vet can do to remove these which, I’ve been told is a simple procedure, but, for me, I always try and avoid any additional discomfort and stress for the dog, especially at a young age. Just for your own piece of mind though I would recommend bringing this up with your vet on your next visit.

      Keep me updated though and good luck with your new puppy!

  • Hi Stephan. Thanks so much that’s so kind. I did originally have Milo insured with the Kennel Club as that was the insurance he came with from a puppy. It was easy to just let it renew itself but it soon became costly as year on year the premium would rise. After shopping around and comparing insurers I found More Than to be quite good but it just depends on what you are willing to pay and the level of cover you require. Insurance companies don’t make it easy and sadly there is no one size fits all. The following link might help you decide though, perhaps do a little research on those and weigh up the pros and cons . Really hope that helps and thanks again!

  • that’s a beautiful bulldog they are a great breed. do you have any advice on best insurance company to go with. Thanks

  • Sorry to hear that mate! Really hope she’s ok now though. Milo still gets this regularly but so far the massage technique is still working. I think the time will come when he will need it looked at professionally though. Good luck with yours, amazing breed of dog!

  • Thank you. They are a great breed and if raised right they are fantastic dogs, You wouldn’t regret getting one and they are amazing when they are puppies. Check out my earlier vids as I have a few of Milo when he was younger

  • Nice dog
    Planning to get my first bulldog 🙂

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