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English Bulldog argument – Not allowed on new couch (Video 1)

My husband and I got a new couch and the dog is learning she can't come on it. Her argument is valid – why would you let me on the old couch and your bed but not this ;). We love our little fur ball.

19 Responses to English Bulldog argument – Not allowed on new couch (Video 1)

  • How long did that rule last?! LOL!!! 🙂

  • Poor Patches…

  • How can you say no to that face? My bullys are family. It seems like the dog was allowed on the old couch so just lay down a couple of fleece blankets or something and let the dog enjoy the rest of its life with the family. You know you want to. Couches come and go but the love and relationships of dogs will stick with you forever.

  • put a cover so he can be with the family.

  • I have the feeling she must be sleeping in the couch right now…

  • i do understand you and i have actsactly the same situation here with my bulldog girl bella.. she makes the same sound and i love her too very much but also new couch… and people who dont understand dogg dont belong in a couch its becouse she have her own bed to sleep on and she have blanket to sit on. mine is a puppy and she can piss on my new couch of 3600 euros. so no we dont gonna do that because my dogg have no insurens who is gonna pay me when she poop or pis on my couch. end of discusion

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