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English bulldog gives birth to adorable litter of 16 PUPPIES

English bulldog gives birth to adorable litter of 16 PUPPIES Could this adorable bundle of fur be the largest litter of English bulldog puppies the world has ever seen.Last week,Jay Dhaliwal’s three-year-old dog Gucci gave birth to 16 babies,which he believes could the most umber of puppies ever born an English Bulldog.The 31-year-old,from Coventry,said:She had 16 puppies,all surviving, well and healthy.I researched the internet and the biggest one I came across was13 puppies but not all survi ved.16 puppies for a small dog like this is extreme.He added:So this is the biggest one ever for this breed and all healthy.Gucci’s doing really well.Jay,who lives with his partner and children,has had to take couple of weeks off work to take care of the puppies and their mother.He has also had to enlist the help of his brother to care for the pups,reports the Coventry Telegraph.He said:It’s hard.We have to feed them every two hours.Currently Jay has around 27 dogs living at his house,since his other dog,Great Dane called Zara,had nine puppies her own in the same week.When asked what his food bill is like for the dogs:To feed the litter is costing about £50 a week till they are four weeks old after that it will be higher.The record for the world’s largest litter of puppies is currently held by a Cambridgeshire Neapolitan mastiff,called Tia,who gave birth to 24 puppies in 2004. How ever not all her puppies survived.One English Bulldog puppy can fetch anywhere between 1,000 and £3,000. Jay said:I’m looking for good homes to sell all the puppies.So interested people can get in touch with me.

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