Breeding English Bulldogs
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English bulldog giving brith!!!

5 Responses to English bulldog giving brith!!!

  • You did a great job assisting her…

  • look just like my female!!! congrats on your litter

  • She doesn’t seem to be struggling having her puppies. Leave her the hell alone & let her do her thing!!

    • Denise Johnson do you own English bulldogs? Probably not, unfortunately these dogs more often then not have to have cesareans because the puppies get to big to pass thru the pelvis, just because a few make it doesn’t mean they all will. Puppies come in different sizes and all it takes is one that’s just a little bigger and she’s dead because it gets hung up part way out.

    • Wendy Chiari Warrior Why breed them then if they have trouble giving birth. Obviously it’s all about the money, & not the best interest of the dog.

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