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English Bulldog “Josie” — first time swimming in bathtub

Our bulldog puppy learning to be submerged in water…in the bathtub.

48 Responses to English Bulldog “Josie” — first time swimming in bathtub

  • the guy is waterboarding the dog

  • That bulldog is a husky hahahaha

  • She is so cute

  • Guys, ya’ll need to chill. This video was taken 5 years ago. Josie is a happy healthy bulldog today. In fact, she loves jumping in ponds and swimming after ducks. It’s quite amazing. She is well taken care of and loved.

    • It’s easy to see she is very pampered and loved by both of you. She can stand with her head above the water too so it’s not like she’s in any danger just because she would prefer to be out. Even when she shakes her fur you can see she is not terrified, just wanting out. All dogs need to accept that there will be bath time, or we’d all have some very stinky pups on our hands. 🙂

    • You always get those pretensive idiots leaving their comments on videos like this. It’s just them signaling to everyone how virtuous they are, it serves no other purpose.

      Oh you put your puppy in a shallow bath tub under supervision for like two minutes? What are you insane?

  • I’m a bulldog owner and this is a torture.

    • LaDolceVita I know this comment is old but come on.. do you expect them not to bathe their dog just because they don’t like it?? It’s best to expose a dog to water when their a puppy like they did. The dog will eventually get use to it and will love baths.

  • People calm down. It’s a fucking bath????? I have a 6 yr old who hates water beyond belief. Most Bulldogs do. But they have to bath. It’s not like they walked away and left the little thing by itself. Best breed ever!

    • Why was the water so high, and no they were trying to make it swim like they said its not deep enough and she is too big.

    • They didn’t put the pup into the tub to give it a bath. They were hoping the water in the tub was deep enough to see the pup swim for the first time.

      And of course they didn’t walk away, the point of them doing what they did was to WATCH the pup SWIM.

      And if still you insist they were just going to give the pup a bath, highlight any time period of the video where they either mention bathing the pup and also highlight any time period in the video where you see any bathing soap for the pup, as well. And once you realize you won’t be able to pinpoint those time periods in the video, re-read the title of the video to get a clue what their intentions were in making the video.

  • Just wait till PETA finds out about this! LOL , just kidding. haha You have a nice dog.

  • Way too much water in the tub.

  • Do all the haters on this video just don’t bathe their dogs/kids cause they “don’t like it?”

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