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English bulldog loves pinball

25 Responses to English bulldog loves pinball

  • He is super cute…..   I always wanted one but they are soooo expensive.  Ughhh …

  • He knew what was up at “Do you wanna…”

  • Hows Chubbs doing? Everything okay for the pooch still?

  • This reminds me of me as a kid rofl

  • The attentive reaction when Chubs hear his name is f-ing priceless.

  • even chubs agrees that hillary clinton is unfit to be president

    • kek

    • sadly Trump would even be worse.

    • +Derpsider you’re living in the fantasy land CNN portrays if you believe that for even a second

    • +Derpsider nice so you admit to not even knowing anything about the US yet still commenting on the elections. you consume liberal media and take it as truth when it couldn’t be further from it. i hope geert wilders is elected to save you from your ignorance because mark rutte is a mouthbreather.

      >clearly not fit for it
      meaning what? that he wasn’t elected public office? looking at hillary’s track record immediately shows that this isn’t even a net positive for a candidate.

      >obama did a great job
      if you lived here and knew anything about america (even if you don’t) you can’t possibly hold this view. US debt has gone from 9 trillion dollars from when he took office and has ballooned up to an approved 21+ trillion and rising exponentially by the second.
      he alone has destroyed race relations throughout the country and made work impossible for police. just look at what is happening right now with dallas.
      he pulled out of the middle east in the midst of a war that is still ongoing, and then, along with hillary clinton, funded, aided, and created terror cells and groups throughout the region.

      meanwhile you have hillary clinton openly selling secrets to the highest bidder regardless of background yet you question the integrity of a trump campaign based solely on reason.

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