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English Bulldog puppies take on Mom

6 weeks old. See our other videos!

19 Responses to English Bulldog puppies take on Mom

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  • I love how there are so many bulldog moms who play with their pups! You
    don’t really see a lot of other breeds doing so…

  • The other ones are thinking… “Stand still I want to eat”…. SOOO cute

  • you have 8 puppies 8 x 500 is 4000… 4000 bucks on your porch. sorry if
    incorrect its just thats what i sold my puppies for. 

  • Awwww! Just tooooo CUTE! Mamma ain’t havin’ it! LOL!

  • How much u sold it?

  • Alright kids, respect your Momma. 🙂 

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