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English Bulldog Puppy with Abnormal Hind Legs

This is Chevy Cheese, he is a 3 week old English Bulldog Puppy who has abnormal rear leg growth. In this video you will see how he walks like a Walrus and how we are trying to hobble him to get him to walk. We once thought he had swimmer puppy syndrome but now we are not sure. He has had x rays but they did not show anything yet.
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Update: Chevy was eventually diagnosed with spina bifida, and lives a happy life with his moms Pat and Chelsea of the group Bulldogs with Special Needs. He never was able to walk normally and had no use of his rear legs. However, all of our time and energy spent trying to get him to walk was not in vein, it did help him develop upper body strength and learn to move around on his own terms. He will always hold a very special place in my heart. I keep a special keepsake of his on my nightstand so I will never forget him or his journey. Love you forever Mr. Chevy Cheese!

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