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English Bulldog struggles with long walks

It's not that Titus the English Bulldog is lazy, he just isn't a fan of "long" walks. When he needs a break he does not hesitate to lay down on the sidewalk right where he is. Cute! Credit to 'titusbulldog'.

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36 Responses to English Bulldog struggles with long walks

  • Oh he’s gorgeous, mine is just the same, stops, lays flat no amount of
    pulling pushing tempting gets him moving, what’s really funny, is the same
    applies when he’s heading in a direction he doesn’t want to go bless him,
    walks take a looooong time sometimes ?

  • Dave m bulldogs are made for middle condos

  • give him water now he could have a heat strochk

  • they are natural fat and gas I should now I have 4

  • btw, all you so called bulldog experts havent realized this is not the
    ownwers video but a viral video page. take your “i know all about bulldog”
    rants up with the owner. most bulldogs may look overweight cause they are
    stockey by design. wide at the chest. large deep belly. yes, they shouldnt
    go on long walks. as they get older walking can be difficult due to old age
    and breathing. my bulldog did get overweight. i trimmed #5 off of him.
    average bulldog weight is #50 in a small compact body. go to the gym and
    look at a 50# dumbell. its pretty big. now think of that with legs. thats a
    bulldog. by age 5 bulldogs are human age 35 give or take they slow down.
    they are also insanely stubborn, and notoriously lazy. i carted mine around
    at the dog parade in a wagon cause he couldnt walk and breathing in the 80+
    degree temps was difficult for him. so yes, he should have been brought
    home to cool off.

  • How does a dog get tired walking? That just doesn’t sound healthy.

  • Bulldogs are very sweet but they need motivation. Have you tried positive
    reinforcement like treats at the end of the walk or maybe during and then
    space it out so he only gets one after the walk.

  • He told the bulldog to stop being lazy he has the wrong dog for the most
    part Bulldogs are lazy and I know I have a oneshe does nothing but sleep
    all day and when she wants to play or busy doing something else or were
    sleeping or at least trying

  • Stop abusing him, they don’t and can’t take long walks. That can kill him,
    and they don’t swim either.

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