Breeding English Bulldogs
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English bulldogs are in trouble

A new study found there’s alarming low genetic diversity among English bulldogs.

14 Responses to English bulldogs are in trouble

  • I don’t care if “the English bulldog will be lost for good” it’s cruel to keep breeding them this way. Save the poor creatures.

  • i like beagles better. they are smart and cute

  • ”fear true english bulldogs will be lost for good” so what? seriously, we MADE them, we can just make new ones by breeding them into existence again, don’t forget that the ancestors of all our awful, mutated dog breeds are the wild wolf, if we can make wild wolves into chihuahua, Border Collies and Dachshund then we have NOTHING to fear! we can do it again.
    the whole concept of ”pure breeds” is what got us into this mess. preserving these breeds is inhumane, these lovely and intelligent creatures are suffering because of our selfish ignorance.
    please end ALL dog breeds so that the domestic dogs can become healthy and live more fulfilling and long lives.

    When you euthanaise a healthy looking purebred German Shepard while it’s still a small puppy, because it’s suffering from genetic conditions, you know it’s a problem that needs to be fixed, poor thing was still a puppy, if you love dogs, you want this to stop happening, and no about of caution when breeding will help, crossbreeding is the answer, preferably with all natural wild animals, so they can get some of those healthy genes tested by nature and evolution.
    This isn’t a thing we can fix with more duct tape, we have to rebuild it from the foundation up if we want healthy dog companions in the near future.

    • I agree with most you wrote, but to stop ALL dog breeding would be wrong in my opinion. We have to teach the breeders that crossbreeding is not as bad as they make it sound. The purebred dog-community are a bunch of snobs. They claim that all crossbreeding is bad and that purebreeding is so much better. If someone owns a crossbreed or a mutt, they are looked down on. The dog is “just a mutt” and not worth anything!
      In fact, if a dog is “pure” it very, very often means it’s inbred because of a closed genepool. Inbreeding increases the chance of doubling up on bad recessive genes (as well as good ones). Which is the reason there are so many horrible diseases in all of our breeds today. The breeders call it “line breeding” when from a geneticist’s perspective, it’s actually inbreeding.
      “Pure breeding” and torture breeding (like the Bulldog and the Pug) is something we need to stop. We can still have dog breeds, but outcrossing needs to be more acceptable!

      But I do agree. They should just stop breeding flat-faced dogs (and cats).

    • I think we should stop ALL dog breeding. They’re overpopulated, too many stray dogs in the world. You and I aren’t gonne be alive long enough nor are currently capable of taking care of them all. Dogs will continue to breed and die hungry/ abused. Better to spay/neuter them all and take care of the ones we have . Of course that’s just wishful thinking which will never happen.

  • Should not breed English Bulldog anyway. Mere selfish.

  • Good. They’re sick, ugly, inbred and stupid. The world will be much better off without this mutated breed of island degenerates. No sympathy for them at all.

    I feel sorry for their bulldogs though…

  • How about crossing them with GMO corn?

  • It’s the same for many other pedigrees too

  • We are perpetuating their misery. Breeding them should simply be illegal. They are miserable, unfortunate creatures since they are born and only a naive or blindly selfish person can justify continuation of this idiocy and suffering. “English bulldog” exists only in our heads. In reality it’s a very sick and deformed dog, made miserable by us and our stupidity.

  • Well it’s pretty much animal cruelty to leave them alive at this point.

  • Not at all surprising tbh….

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