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How to clean English Bulldog Ears with Allergies

Sorry we haven't put up any new videos lately, it has been a crazy year. Here is a new one on how to clean troublesome English bulldog ears. Our pup Bruizer has all types of allergies, his ears get very waxy and chapped. We must clean them 2x a week. We hope this video will help your pup get squeaky clean ears and some relief too.

Quick Tip: If your pup has issues like ours get all your items ready and in arms length so, you can quickly go through the process. Also try to do both ears at the same time, less stress on you and your pup (takes practice lol)

Products Used:

Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Baby Wash
* Do not use any products with alcohol (mostly with dog/cat ear cleaners), shampoos, conditioners or hand/dish soaps.

A & D Ointment
* You can use daily if your pups ears are chapped. This will hydrate and protect against infection.

Vetetericyn (gel)
* Water based & non toxic, this will help heal the area. We use this on EVERYTHING!

Household paper towels
* This is the best way we have found for easy clean up and a little more sanitized than washcloths

** Please remember we are not Vets, all of our videos have been created based on trial and errors on our pup Bruizer. Don't forget if you are using a new product, test in a small area before applying to a problem area.

This Vlog is not sponsored. We purchased everything shared in this video.

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