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How To Potty Train An English Bulldog Potty Training English Bulldog Puppies Housebreak Your Bulldog

? Get Your Free English Bulldog Potty Training Mini-Course Here – and Get Instant Access to Your Training Now. Today In this presentation I will give you some Tips for House Training your English Bulldog, whether it's an English Bulldog Puppy or an Adult English Bulldog. You will be able to implement these tips immediately to help you get started on the right track with your new adorable family member.

Potty training your English Bulldog Puppy does not have to be a stressful exercise, especially if you follow a few time-tested tactics.

Only 3 things can help you with house breaking your English Bulldog – Patience, Consistency and the right guidance on House-training.

What is the very first thing you want to teach your new English Bulldog Puppy or Adult English Bulldog? In my experience it is to teach him the right way and place to go to the bathroom. Your precious little pug doesn't yet know how to do this correctly, and its your responsibility as his caretaker to teach him.

Here are a few essential tips for helping your English Bulldog (and yourself!): Housebreak Your Bulldog…

If your english bulldog is a puppy, you must realize that his bladder is small, and controlling it is not going to happen.

It is unrealistic to expect him to suppress his “release” while you are at work or otherwise occupied.

Generally speaking, the length of time that a dog can wait between peeing or pooping ranges from:

1 to 2 hours for little puppies that are brand new to your home.
3 to 4 hours for older puppies that are familiar with the concept of going outside to pee & poop.

Your Five Rules for Potty Training An English Bulldog.

Give your puppy frequent access to his toilet area – prevent soiling in the house.

• Give your puppy frequent access to his toilet area – prevent soiling in the house.
• Reward the pup for peeing or pooping in the right place – use a special treat.
• Never punish the pup for potty training "mistakes" – scolding has dire consequences.
• Put your puppy on a regular and timely feeding schedule – in/out clockwork.
• Know when your puppy last eliminated – keep a diary.

Choose a designated toilet area for potty Training.
So, where do you want to train your bulldog to always potty and poop?
The puppy toilet area needs to be accessible very quickly.

The most important thing you can do to make potty training happen as quickly as possible, is to reward and praise your english bulldog puppy every time he goes in the right place.

The more times he is rewarded, the quicker he will learn.
Therefore it's important that you spend as much time as possible with your bulldog, and give him regular and frequent access to his toilet area.

The Key To Successful Potty Training, Consistency and Patience.

At this link you will get instant access to a free training course on English Bulldogs:

It is a good idea to use a routine along with your schedule. Take your English Bulldog puppy or adult English Bulldog to the same place every time he has to go. This will teach him or her to use that spot, and your Pug will always search for it when he needs to go to the bathroom.

Remember to also let your English Bulldog walk around and enjoy the outside once he finishes his business. This way he won’t have it in his mind that the only way he can get to go outside, is if he wants to go potty. So he will do a much quicker and better job of relieving himself.

It will take a while for your English Bulldog to fully understand, that it is not ok to go potty wherever he wants. He will slowly learn where it is ok to go, and he will ask you to go there when he needs to. Take your time and put your love and care into the whole process.

You like me, want to be able to leave your home, without worrying that you will find a mess when you get back!

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