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How to take care of English Bulldog Allergies

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Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp:

The Honest Company Lotion:

Kong Zoom Groom:

Gold Bond Body Powder:

Vetericyn Wound & Skin Care:

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31 Responses to How to take care of English Bulldog Allergies

  • You need to get a Rx shampoo from a vet. My Bulldog has the same exact skin issues and the shampoo the vet gave me clears it all up in a week and I bathe him 1-2 times in the one week.

  • our bulldogs had a lot of allergy problems until we started giving them raw meat (BARF) and all issues cleared up like snow from the sun.

  • ne of the most common dog allergies that cause skin lesions that look like or are called “hot spots” is corn. If you change to a dog food – like Nutro or some of the Diamond brand dry foods (there are others, also), those skin problems will often clear right up in a matter of a couple of weeks. This has worked with various breeds owned by friends, from Yorkies to Labs to Bulldogs. I’ve owned two, but never fed them food with corn after the first bully had skin problems and a friend clued me in.

    STAY AWAY from Science Diet. Almost all of their dry foods have corn in them. Stay away from dry foods that have any form of corn listed, including corn gluten. Give this a try, especially when your vet can’t tell for certain what is going on, but even if he is being treated in some other fashion by your vet.

  • I thought human shampoo was too harch for their skin and baby shampoo would be better.

  • i always using baby shampoo for my dog and for the food i never using dog food…
    i always use rice, chicken legs and vegetables (sorry for my english)

  • try raw feeding, that cleared up my bulldog’s skin problems. also get him some allergy medicine from your vet, to help in the summer.

  • that dog should be on a diet. he already has breathing problems, the extra weight doesn’t help.

  • You never use people shampoos on dogs this will cause the dog all sorts of skin problems? try raw food diet it works best for dogs use a dog shampoo

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