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How to Train a Bulldog – How to House Training a Bulldog

Bulldogs are know for their stubborn personality but that doesn't mean housetraining has to be a stressful battle between you and your Bully. In fact, another Bully breed trait is their desire to please, so when you follow this simple method to house train your Bullodg puppy, your Bully will catch on quickly.

All dogs respond to positive reinforcement training better than fear and punisment training and this is especially true with Bulldogs. If you invite them into a power struggle, they will respond accordingly. Add to that the fact that Bullies are very sensitive to your mood so if you get stressed or frustrated during house training, your Bully will get stressed and you'll experience setbacks in reaching your house training goals. This doesn't mean you can be a push-over. Treat your Bulldog kindly but firmly – and be unequivocally consistent – and he will respond positively.

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