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Lincoln goes to a new Petstore | ENGLISH BULLDOG

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LINCOLN'S INTRO MUSIC – About that Oldie (Vibe Tracks)

Ambler – Video Classica by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( )

41 Responses to Lincoln goes to a new Petstore | ENGLISH BULLDOG

  • Feeding / watering from a plastic dish will do that to the chin (chins?) and snout, but I see he uses stainless, which is best. By the way, his dinner manners are exquisite, delicate, refined…

    • Aw thank you – he did arrive with those manners so we cannot take credit for them at all. He has always been really good around food. xxx

  • Hey, Lincoln is a cutie. A suggestion is to watch a channel called Reuben. He is a bulldog too. And his owner, Mike has talked about cheesy breath and how to deal with it. And the pink color a bulldog gets and about how to keep that at bay. You may find a friend who lives and owns a Bulldog like yourselves❣️

  • Awwwww!! He was so excited walking through the store!!! Looks like he likes his new food!!! He’s so sweet!!!😍😍😍🐾🐾🐶🐶

  • He knows the likes….just amazing

  • So well behavied….


  • I swear you could put bits of paper with ‘food’ written on them and he would gobble them up. The piglet never met a food bowel he didn’t just love.

  • If Lincoln is “a little cheesy”, he needs to be on a no grain dog food. Do his feet have a “frito” smell—yeast. No potatoes, no grain, no sweet potatoes, no sugar type veggies, i.e. carrots. No sugar. Make sure he gets plenty of Omega 3.

    • Hi Gloria. We have just switched Lincoln to AATU dog food which is completely grain free and is also a lower % of carbs. He is smelling better this morning, which is a huge relief. His feet weren’t smelling, it was mainly his chin and his nose fold. I will do a video update on what we did to him to try and alleviate the itching. Thanks so much for watching, have a great day xxx

  • Haha! Lincoln was super excited when he got in the car, how cute!! That was a great outing, thanks for taking us along!

    • He LOVES the car! If we are going in the car, we can’t have it anywhere near the house cause he gets so excited and will not go potty. He really loves the car so much. We are lucky with that. Hope you have a wonderful day xxx

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