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Lincoln goes to a new Petstore | ENGLISH BULLDOG

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LINCOLN'S INTRO MUSIC – About that Oldie (Vibe Tracks)

Ambler – Video Classica by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( )

41 Responses to Lincoln goes to a new Petstore | ENGLISH BULLDOG

  • Enjoyed the trip to the pet food store & the garden center. Especially like it when he takes his own leash. I thought that was my favorite Lincoln thing. Now I think it’s the way he accepts affection from others as his due. Great video.

    • Hehe, yes he does expect attention everywhere he goes. He doesn’t even get particularly excited about it, he just expects cuddles. He actually always pulls towards people, he loves people so much. We always joke that he would go home with anyone cause he really does just love everyone he meets. The other day, we were on the road, chatting to our neighbor and when we went our separate ways, Lincoln literally stood there looking between her and us “deciding” who to go with (little traitor!). I think he wanted to go with her for a bit. It’s very sweet how much he loves everyone xxx

  • You can never have enough poop bags. Walking gets the plumbing moving.

    • LOL, true story. Last week we were out and he did 2 separate ones, and then as we were walking past a ladies house (and she is a bit funny about what goes on around her house), he decided to do another one. We had to go and ask her for a bag – it was so embarrassing. He’s caught us off guard a couple times lately. He used to refuse to poop in public, and would only do it in one corner of our garden, now he will go anywhere anytime.xx

    • Lincoln’s World lol my dog would only poop in the backyard. She would never go in public. It’s so funny to see their quirks just like a human.

  • Sleepy puppy

  • Have that for my dog too

  • Bulldogs immune systems are vulnerable so the bacteria that lives normally on the skin can get out of a healthy balance, and the first signs of this are a smell a bit like cheese. This can cause itching and redness. Washing in Microbex shampoo every couple of weeks works wonders. He looks really well and is so sweet. He is lucky to have you both.

    • Thanks so much Sara. Unfortunately he has opened up the skin a lot, so I am being careful about what I put on his little chin. I wanted to start using Witch Hazel on him, but I think it will sting him in the open spots. I’ve been putting milk of magnesia on and he loves the cooling effect of that. He actually pushes down into it. I will have a look for Microbex shampoo and give that a try. Thanks so much for the advice, much appreciated xxx

  • Aw sweet Lincoln had the best day!! What kind of food did you get him?

  • Fun watching you guy’s enjoy an outing with Lincoln, he is such a gentelman. Everybody loves Lincoln. Thank you, Chuck

  • 8:45 of sheer escape from the everyday cares and problems. I especially enjoy seeing others fuss over Lincoln. out in public. I know it’s tricky to do but the look on his face is priceless

    • It is really sweet. He does get a LOT of attention when we go out. You hear it first and then people come over – it’s like being with a little celebrity. I am getting bolder now about filming in public and I asked these two if they minded me filming (also tried to direct them to the channel, so hopefully we will see them on here one day). I so badly want to film him interacting with children because he really loves kids and gets very excited when he sees them. He is so gentle with them too, it’s so adorable. I will try get some footage of that one day. Have a wonderful day Jeff xx

    • Have you ever considered taking Lincoln to nursing homes and hospitals as a therapy dog?

  • I hope Lincoln likes his new food have you ever thought of adding warm or hot water to soften up the dog food I do that for my two bullies thanks for another awesome upload have a great day

    • Hi Redgal, he does like his new food, but as the chunks are really small, he is struggling a bit with it. I am going to add warm water to it today and see if that makes it a little easier for him. I will let you know how he gets on. Thanks so much for watching – have a wonderful day xxx

  • It’s great to wake up to a vid of our Lincoln. Thank you from Dallas, Texas 🙋🏼

    • I’m in Frisco. I love Lincoln videos as well.

    • Foldcat4 ….Hi Frisco neighbor that loves Lincoln too!🙋🏼..I’m guessing you have a Foldcat fishing boat from your name Foldcat4–if so, that’s pretty cool! Take care🐶

    • No, don’t have a fishing boat. Foldcat refers to the Scottish fold cat we had for years. Her name was Darlene, but we often called her Foldcat. Just love Lincoln. He must have fans all over the world by now.

    • Foldcat4 …Yes! Team Lincoln!! 🐶.
      Well your sweet Scottish “Foldcat” baby is more precious then a fishboat foldcat anyday, thanks for clarifying! What a great Scottish fold name

  • i was playing with my dog lincoln and he is looking under the bed

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