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Lincoln’s Daily Maintenance Part 2 – Face Cleaning | ENGLISH BULLDOG

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LINCOLN'S INTRO MUSIC – About that Oldie (Vibe Tracks)

29 Responses to Lincoln’s Daily Maintenance Part 2 – Face Cleaning | ENGLISH BULLDOG

  • You should try coconut oil in the red areas or apple cider vinegar. Clears it up in a couple days. Baby powder and corn starch keeps things dry too.

  • I’d like to say thank you for the video 1&2 maintenance. I’ve been researching for months before acquiring a bulldog, and realised that they probably need a lot more attention than a lot of other dog breeds. But trying to get an approximate ballpark for the likes of daily maintenance has been really difficult to find. This has helped a lot.

    • Oh, you are so welcome. What have you decided? Of course, the better shape your dog is in, the less maintenance they need. It’s just getting them to that great shape and then keeping them there. Good luck with your decision xxx

    • If you could put it into words, just the time taken to perform the wipes and cleaning in the a.m. maintenance for instance, what would it be? 10 mins, 15 mins or more?
      Also, I see enough people with multiple bulldogs at home, it must take them ages to get through all of them, or it’s less frequency I guess.

    • Sorry, I didn’t see your reply. It seemed hidden before I typed out the other question.
      I’ve decided that as much as I’d like the companion now, I’m thinking I need to get a few more jobs done around the home first before I get any dog. In regards to getting a bulldog, I haven’t decided yet. Being a single person, I’m wondering if owning a bulldog is doable.

    • Hi there. I think it’s a big decision. Bulldogs are unlike other dogs. They need a ton of attention. The time it takes for maintenance will depend on how healthy they are. In the beginning, it Took much longer to clean Lincoln. At the moment, we have to clean Lincoln’s face, ears, feet and tail pocket every day. In one sitting, it probably takes me about ten minutes to clean all of these areas. However, during the course of the day I do a lot of cleaning. We choose to wipe him every time he goes potty. I also give his face a wipe every time I see it’s moist (not a full cleaning, just a quick wipe to remove moisture). With bulldogs you want to keep everything dry and clean as much of the time as possible. They also require a lot of attention and entertaining. I am so glad you are thinking responsibly before getting one because they are a lot more work than other dogs but the rewards are pretty huge. They are very loving and so quirky. They will keep you entertained for hours. Hope this has helped, happy to answer any other questions you may have xxx

    • Thanks for the reply. It helps. Have a nice day.

  • He such a gentleman! He lets him clean so easily…so nice boy 😚😚 he knows you guys love him and he lets you to treat and check him 😍

  • Hi make sure the folds are dry because if left wet it will cause yeast and smell. I had my bulldog for 10yrs until the day she died. I have alot of experience with the breed. LoVe Lincoln

  • Cool 😎 video. How to take care of little bullies like Linc poo💝🐶

  • Laura? You can open up your first bulldog facial and grooming spa alongside your amusement park. You be one lucky lady cleaning all those Then you can offer to sing to the bulldogs on your new keyboard. You can have your first bulldog bed and breakfast. Lol just a thought. Have a great Sunday with a Sundae.

  • What do you mean Piggy doesn’t like his facial?  You are doing great.  I have to run after Winston, corner him, speak soft words to him while getting a good hold on him and promising him treats, only then to put on his cream.  He recognizes the whipes and  the cream the little devil.  For every action on my part, their must be a reward … treats, treats and more treats. It’s a good thing he has developed a taste for dried fruit (thanks to his little sister – a bunny named Marie-Antoinette)  otherwise he would be seriously overweight. 🙂

    • Haha, the bulldog bribery!! Before Lincoln went raw he got treats whilst cleaning, but now it is too complicated so he just has to suck it up. Dried fruit sounds like an awesome treat – haven’t given that to Lincoln yet, but I will try him with it in the new year once he is allowed carbs again. I am sure he would absolutely love it. Hope you had an awesome weekend xxx

  • Hi guys , thank you so much for your awesome videos! I really enjoy them! I wait for these vids every day, i wish I could watch even more videos of Linc every day cz I enjoy them that much!

  • Thank you. Great. Very helpful. So much love and cuteness.

  • Lincoln is so incredibly lucky that he has someone who takes care of him so gently and so thoroughly. I would wish this for all bulldogs and all other dogs as well.

  • When you elongate the cotton ball roll it lengthwise between your palms. It will cause the cotton fibres to go nice and round and tuck in the little wispy bits in with the main part . It also makes it a little rounder and flatter and around there so it fits in the fold perfectly. Think of it as rolling out a 3 inch piece of pastry dough between your hands to make it longer narrow.

    • Ah thank you! I am going to do that for sure xxx

    • Lincoln’s World You’re actually kind of lucky that it’s Lincolns nose that needs this attention with cleaning . I have a French bulldog Boston terrier mix who has a ,pocket tail’. I get to mess with the OTHER END of the dog 😜. Gracie is really excellent at letting me clean her pocket tail out and keep it healthy. I too have trouble with trapped bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt and moisture. It requires daily maintenance as well however it only takes a couple minutes.

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