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looloo the english bulldog having trouble breathing while sleeping

My dog Louie (8 years old) has trouble breathing while sleeping. He loses his breath every few minutes and wakes up to catch some air… These instances occur more frequently than before.

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  • Ugliest dog I have ever seen my god

  • Breeding bulldogs is borderline animal abuse as they’re predisposed to have a short life span (6 years average) with a high risk of cardiac and cancer related deaths.

  • what surgery did u get down,,,,,my bully is 10 , sam ething and my vet said nothing they can do ?????

    • +Ron Davis Hey Ron, theres isn’t a lot you can do unfortunately however, we did have a minor surgery which basically removed fat and skin tissue inside his throat to clear the blockage causing him to suffocate while he sleeps. As you probably already know, bulldogs tend to gain and store fat so getting him on a special diet and exercise helps a lot… I can ask my Vet exactly what kind of surgery my dog had so you can perhaps explain it better to your Vet in terms of Medical terminology…? You can try film your dog sleeping and I’ll be happy to share it with my Vet so he can provide you with his own opinion… All the best Ron, cheers

    • Didn’t you get his nostrils done they seem closed up to much? I have to get it done on my bully, he sounds like this too plus his palette

  • Hats heartbreaking

  • Thanks Melissa!! He’s actually much better now after a small surgery he got a couple of months after our Vet recommended it. Sleeps and breathes like a true healthy bulldog 🙂

  • Music that takes time getting used to you mean lol… Post a video of Fred And Barney playing some music 😉

  • Your two Bullies look like my Fred and Barney. They are lying next to snoring away. Music to my ears.

  • Oh no poor baby! That must be hard for him to have a good night sleep! Oddly, my 3 year old bulldog and 5 year old french bulldog are the two who wake up throughout the night because of their breathing, while my 10 year old bulldog can sleep through the whole night without flinching!!

    By the way, both of your bulldogs are adorable!

  • As a fellow bully owner it makes me nervous when I can’t hear them snore!

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