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Surfing English Bulldog

For those concerned for my dog's well being…. She can swim really well and she loves the ocean. We've tried life vests on her, but they don't work. She usually floats face down due to her body shape, plus, she hates them… she won't move a muscle while wearing them. Furthermore, I have been surfing for 30 years and I am lifeguard certified, as is the cameraman, the spotter, and most of the people we take her out surfing with (we work at a surf school). When she does fall off, and sometimes she just decides to dive off, we are never more than a few feet away. Not that it matters because, again, she swims perfectly well. There is never a second that she is in harm's way. She is never happier, more excited, or more lively then when she is in the ocean, surfing or swimming. Lastly, we do our thing in Waikiki… if you are familiar with the area, then you know that it is one of the most gentle surf spots in the world. There are no undertows, no unforeseeable killer waves, and no potential dangers other than the other surfers (which is a non-issue since I avoid everyone else). The reality is, she is in much more danger just walking down a city street, or getting hit in the head by a falling coconut, or eating supermarket grade dog food (gave her bladder stones… nasty business). In closing, as I appreciate your concern, please do not lose any sleep over the life vest issue, I promise that she is in good hands. Mahalo and have a wonderful day!

Come visit Gracie at the Ty Gurney Surf School in Waikiki, Hawaii.

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