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Todd and Darcy are to folks loving life with their two OEBs. These dogs are more than house pets, they… Continue reading

British Bulldog puppy hates waking up.

English Bulldog Puppy Vs Roomba!

My husband and I brought home a 2 month old English Bulldog and named him Oslo. We loved him for… Continue reading

Mugsy Blue merle olde english bulldog

Mugsy blue is nibble biting my hand, he does it when he wants a treat. he is a funny sweet… Continue reading

Rainbow Loom english bulldog – RUBBLE puppy Part 1/2 Loombicious

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SHOUT OUT TO: @Delaney… Continue reading

English bulldog dances with his owner

According to his owner, this adorable English bulldog, named "Brutus", loves to dance to music whenever it hits his ears.… Continue reading

English Bulldog reacts to ear cleaning bottle

Looks like Titus isn't very happy to see his ear cleaning bottle. Watch how the 14-month-old English Bulldog reacts after… Continue reading

Adorable English Bulldog has issues with Canada

Chunk the English Bulldog puppy is not OK with this water canteen from Canada. We don't know what Canada ever… Continue reading

English Bulldog loves playing pinball

Not too many dogs share the same interest as this lovable English Bulldog. Watch his reaction when his owner asks… Continue reading

English Bulldog puppy wrestles with Bull Terrier

Titus the English Bulldog loves to play. Here at 10 months old he's wrestling with a male Bull Terrier. This… Continue reading

English Bulldog confronts harmless door

Why is this English Bulldog barking at the door as if it's his mortal enemy? Nevertheless it makes for a… Continue reading

English Bulldog puppy struggles to conquer sofa

Watch the endless rolls and folds of this English Bulldog puppy stack up as he struggles to get on the… Continue reading

Enzo (English Bulldog) squeezes his fat ass on chair from jealousy.

Enzo is just jealous of that warm bottle teddybear. How cute ":)))

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