Funny Bulldog videos, rare pictures and more.

British bulldog

English Bulldog Surgical Insemination

English Bulldog Eating Really Fast

British Bulldog puppy hates waking up.

English Bulldog eats fresh raw chicken thighs – BARF Food for healthy Dogs

English Bulldog Breathing Heavy and Panting

Porkchop just got done playing outside. || TUMBLR: || FACEBOOK || WATCH MORE || SUBSCRIBE

English Bulldog Barking at a Ghost

Porkchop the English Bulldog protecting his home and pack from the ghost by barking and scaring it away. Happy Halloween!… Continue reading

How to Draw a Dog (English Bulldog)

For a simpler, cartoon version of a Bulldog, click here:

Visit for even easier step-by-step instructions and don't forget to… Continue reading

English Bulldog Puppy finds a patch of long grass, her reaction is adorable

Shelby is a 16 week old english bulldog puppy who found a patch of long grass during an episode of… Continue reading

Beautiful English Bulldog x Pit bull mix with a Great Owner!!!

I met Brian today in the park with his beautiful English Bulldog. What a beautiful dog it is and deserves… Continue reading

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