Breeding English Bulldogs
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The best dog breed in the world is the English bulldog

The most loyal caring noble dog breed in the world is the English bulldog, you will never own another dog breed again after owning an English bulldog.

34 Responses to The best dog breed in the world is the English bulldog

  • maybe 100 years ago they were great. these guys croak at like 6 years with
    tons of health problems

  • what kind of food do you feed your bulldogs? Bella is 9 months old and I
    now have her on Blue Diamond Revolutionary Diet Puppy Formula dog food.
    Before that she was on Purina ProPlan puppy food but she developed some
    skin allergies. My vet recommended Science Diet. Now I’m unsure if I should
    switch her to that. Her skin allergies went away and she seems to be doing
    much better although she doesn’t eat like she use to. She seems to be full
    and not obsessed about food like before. Your advice would be much
    appreciated. Your bulldogs are beautiful.

    • I feed mine IAMS mini chunk and she does well she’s 11. The key if you want
      you bully to be healthy and live long don not overfeed. Skinny bully = long

  • It hasn’t been the best dog breed ,but it’s been 1 of the best !
    I think the world already knows that !

  • Your dogs are amazing, like one big happy family.

  • Dogs on average are loyal I admit this despite having a favorite breed and
    would never claim it to be the most loyal. It’s a video and everyone’s
    bouncing around but some of your dogs look like they have really short
    tails some even look inverted. At least I didn’t see any stenotic snares
    but damn do your dogs have a heavy bulky build. Im curious do your dogs
    breed and whelp naturally?

  • I agree, but I thought the video would show something else, they are so
    cute and I always say, bulldogs are made of love.


  • American Bulldogs much better when it comes to Bulldogs

    • +scoobytru we all have different views, but in my books the original that
      all other Bulldogs are crossed with is the best the good old
      English/British Bulldog, they are a proper companion pet, & for this very
      disdabled woman [yes me] they are perfect, so there’s no better Bulldog in
      the world to me, & I’m sure you feel the same way about your AB!!

  • They are indeed precious.My wife and I had one for 11 years and she was
    wonderful.We will get another.

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