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Vermont English Bulldog Rescue [SIV433]

2/14/16: This week is the Seven Days' Animal Issue and we are meeting some squishy-faced, wrinkly, drooling balls of love whose stories will melt your heart. Back in 1998, Dawna Pederzani founded the Vermont English Bulldog Rescue which became a non-profit in 2015. After teaming up with Karen Sturtevant, the doggie crusaders rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed 49 bulldogs last year.

The bulldog has experienced a huge surge in popularity, both in popular culture and among celebrities. In 2015 the American Kennel Club ranked the bulldog its 4th most popular breed. With success comes a high demand for the dog, which leads to overbreeding, a proliferation of puppy mills and an excess of unwanted dogs with expensive health problems.

Eva spends a Sunday with a bevy of bulldogs and their adoptive families to see what makes this dog so special.

Music: Kevin MacLeod, "Bumbly March," "Laconic Granny," & "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys"

Vincent Lopez, "My Fate is in Your Hands"

This episode of Stuck in Vermont was made possible by Hotel Vermont and Vermont Tourism.

21 Responses to Vermont English Bulldog Rescue [SIV433]

  • 4:33
    That is NOT how you carry a bulldog!
    You’re going to injure the dog’s shoulders like that!!!
    How do you NOT know that?!?!?!

  • Wife just brought me my first English bull . She’s 3 lots of yeast issues that’s OK because wife rescued her frome a drug house . Wife owns a grooming salon in murrells inlet sc. Huge help . She is the best dog . I am proud to add her to our family .

  • would love to have a Bulldog, but with my busy lifestyle I would probably be the least likely candidate just from the maintenance aspect, let alone forking out thousands for a dog on routine health. that being said they are beyond adorable. some thing about a plump bulldog passed out on your bed, couch, hallway, etc seems so comforting. quite the sacrifice of these ladies.

  • These dogs are stronger than most people that go through this

  • Thank you for what u do! Bulldogs are great creatures, thank u for giving them a second chance! I have a bulldog…its my profile pic

  • Bulldogs rock, I just adore them to pieces!

  • Things that some people can do for money are just… uhh!
    Realy. I couldn’t dare to hurt anny animal (especialy such loving and inteligent as dog). I wouldn’t be able to look in mirror

  • if I was not in school and had a job I will give anything for these dogs to be happy

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