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Why you should get an English bulldog – Four reasons

This is my puppy Moose doing some pretty cute and funny stuff. These are four short clips of reasons I believe YOU should own an English Bulldog.

46 Responses to Why you should get an English bulldog – Four reasons

  • I had an English bulldog named Millie, she passed not too long ago though.
    Her kidneys failed sadly. I miss my little piggy! Rip Millie. Get an
    English bulldog guys. They are amazing, funny, and cute,

  • Not being a troll, so please have a look at the link if you think you want
    an English bulldog – they have a LOT of health problems. BIG $$$ at the
    vet, and the experience will rip your heart out.

    • Yep. Problem with dogs in general is they can end up costing a lot in vet
      bills. That’s partially why some people pay more from reputable breeders,
      to make sure their dogs are as healthy as possible and save money in the
      long run…..but soo many dog breeds have soo many quirks, that at some
      time in their life they’re probably going to end up with life altering or
      life long ailments. That’s also partially why they’re soo expensive, not
      just because breeders are greedy, but if someone can drop $4k to buy a
      puppy, then they can probably also afford its healthcare.

      That’s why I don’t keep pets, I’ve had over a dozen different dogs in my
      family growing up….I think I’ve had enough. I can’t possibly give them
      enough attention, keep them company long enough through out the day, and I
      would hate to have to choose between them and a $3000 vet bill.

      I think it’s responsible for potential pet owners to realize that if they
      can’t provide everything a pet needs, can’t afford all the vet bills worry
      free, then it’s more prudent to not have them at all, otherwise you’re just
      causing yourself a lot of heartache in the long run…and potentially
      reducing the quality of the animals life.

      People who buy pets need to do so with the realization in the front of
      their mind that they will be keeping that animal for its entire life….and
      that the day will come eventually where the animal will die in front of
      them too. I’ve seen pets come and go, and while I’m numb to it by now, it
      can be a horrific experience, especially with a higher level species like a
      dog who you will develop strong bonds with.

      Most of those dogs in the pound are cheap common breeds that one can get
      for free or buy for $40 maximum from some guy selling unwanted litters.
      That’s why they end up in the pound….the people who had them had no
      business having them in the first place, because they can’t cover the costs
      of owning the pet. If you’re poor and reading this…..sorry, but you have
      no business owning any breed of dog. It’s sad that we live in a world where
      the same stuff that would get children taken away……happen to dogs all
      the time without anyone blinking an eye.

    • Well said. Mixed breed dogs are much, MUCH more healthy. Even healthy
      animals need medical attention and that can run 4 figures easy (geez, just
      annual shots for a dog are about $200- $300).

  • I have a English Bulldog his name is Charlie and he is 8 weeks old and has
    light blue eyes no lie he was expensive I still love him and love you guys
    hope I made your day!?

  • watch tillman the skating french bulldog

  • Fifth reason. They are BRILLIANT with children with Autism. Loyal and
    loving and VERY protective

  • So cute!

  • hmmm i bought a puppy and the vet told me made a big mistake cu they
    overheat and stuff like that….pfff i have an ac in my house for summers
    when its very hot and in the winter i have a big garden if he needs plus im
    aware off all the other things

  • my bulldog gets overheated but they can be active and lazy so cute they can
    be silly but sweet

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